👋🏻 Hi, I'm Gareth.

I've loved community since I joined Habbo as a teen in 2001.

I was on it night and day, first as a member and then as a volunteer moderator, before landing a job there.

That gave me my first glimpse into the world of community and business. I've been obsessed with the interworking of each ever since.

I've spent over 15 years in founding marketing roles at community-led startups, from Glitch and CodeSandbox to the community growth platform, Orbit.

I've seen firsthand the power of, and challenges in, growing a business with community.

I've also spent hundreds of hours studying the community-led strategies behind the fastest-growing companies.

In this newsletter, I share my learnings through deep dives into the product communities that power them.

The goal: to demystify community-led growth and help you grow a business with community.

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Demystifying community-led growth through deep dives into product communities.